Why Dowell Association Management Services

In short, Dowell Management provides a turnkey solution to implement your mission, vision and programming. Let our creativity complement yours!


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Why Dowell Management?

•Avoids the long and expensive process of direct hire recruitment

In fact, once you have determined your scope of work we can quickly respond with a proposal and be helping you execute your projects in a just a few weeks instead of a few months. In addition, by using an association management contract you avoid long term liabilities associated with employees and are able to more easily reduce scope of services without needing to reduce or eliminate direct hire positions if funding streams are reduced.

Dowell Management has also found our client’s boards have found no difference in how responsive our staff is to their concerns as compared to direct hire staff. Our clients have also reported it is easier to interact with a contract firm than with direct hire staff on those occasions when staff improvement is needed.

•Allows for professional management often not possible with a single staff person

Often organizations considering just one staff person find it impossible to recruit a person with all the skills necessary. This challenge is made even more difficult when the position is grant driven without long term guarantees of employment. Dowell Management can provide you with your executive leader AND support that person with a team of professionals to complement their skill set.

•More affordably brings a whole suite of services to your organization

For many organizations Dowell Management is able to bring professional staffing and leadership at a cost less than if the organization would hire these services directly. This frees up budget dollars to be applied to the organization’s mission and projects. Our clients also find that some of our management services, like strategic planning and public affairs are often ones they have had to hire additional contractors to provide in the past.

With full association management Dowell Management can bring you an office, a person to answer the phone and swiftly answer an email bringing credibility to your organization.

•Strategically develops your organization for long term success

Dowell Management prides itself in being an industry leader in delivering management services to its clients. However, we don’t just keep organizations running. We are committed to keeping them profitable, innovative and relevant.

•We effectively work with partners

Our staff has the expertise and experience to provide full management services as outlined below. Our service contracts are flexible so that we are able to effectively partner with other project vendors you may wish to utilize for specific elements of your efforts.

We also offer the intangible synergy of your organization being connected to other like minded organizations because of our client list focused on economic development, trade and membership services organizations throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas.

Association Management MeetingFull Association Management Lets You Focus On YOUR Mission!

Your organization’s board should never worry about whether inquiries are being responded to, or if the website is up to date. Dowell Management excels at providing seamless front and back office operations for clients to ensure that all day-to-day needs are met.

Dowell Management has a strong, proven history of providing front office services to clients and is skilled in acting on behalf of our clients, whether a chamber of commerce or a business association. We will appropriately represent our client in the following areas:

•Stakeholder relationship management and development
•Interactions with public agencies and staff
•General public interface including outreach events
•Marketing and public affairs
•Data gathering and research for website, public relations and social media
•Monitoring contracts and outcomes of project consultants when needed
•Donor relationship management
•Strategic planning

Smooth back office operations aren’t seen by stakeholders, but are crucial to managing a well-regarded association. Dowell Management is proficient in organizational management as well as financial systems. Upon implementation of our relationship, we can immediately begin managing all back office affairs of the organization within the scope of your RFP. We have experience working with clients in all of the following areas:

•Monthly and year-end financials
•Data management
•Website and social media and management
•Board management including minutes and agenda preparation
•Stakeholder communications delivery
•Survey development, delivery and analysis


Use the summary of services above to help design your request for proposal.