Shar Pardubsky, On-Site Executive Director, Iowa

Shar Pardubsky, On-Site Executive Director, Iowa:

A veteran of the Iowa chamber community, Shar serves as executive director of the Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives. Based in the Des Moines area, Shar specializes in building relationships, event planning, budget preparation, sponsor relations, and Board development. Shar has been a member of the Dowell Management team since February 2014, and previously was on the ICCE Board of Directors while Senior Vice President of Affiliate Relations for the Greater Des Moines Partnership where she built relations with all 22 of its affiliates.

What industries have you worked in?

Chambers of commerce and governmental affairs.

What are you complimented on most in your work?

Leadership, and working well with people.

What one problem are you best at solving for your clients?

Helping them develop a better leadership role within their industry.

What are you most passionate about – professionally and personally?

Professionally, watching people move, develop and move forward in their line of work.

Personally, my family.