Most organizations we work with have a newsletter.  It can be a great tool for communicating your value proposition, member news, events and programs, and strategic direction.  Dowell Management believes that your newsletter can be more!  With a focus on content, design and frequency, we can turn your newsletter into a tool for membership recruitment, member retention, and to position your organization as an expert within the community.

When you create an engaging newsletter that helps your association members solve problems, your organization becomes influential in their lives. Dowell Management helps your association design a newsletter that will be timely, relevant and revolve around business objectives.

Associations and non-profits typically have a very clear, well-defined audience that they are trying to reach. However, they are faced with the challenge of offering the right content, the right look and feel, and the right level of engagement through their website. Using the latest technologies, Dowell Management can build your website that is designed to be dynamic, interactive, social and integrates with your brand. And at a price you can afford!

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