Most of non-profit boards of directors are made up of volunteers who have little or no training on what is expected of them.  While well-intentioned, these volunteers all too frequently become highly involved in the operational and administrative activities of the organization.  Decision-making extends to fine details about programs, services and administrative practices.  All too frequently, the board degenerates into a situation where board members refuse to delegate authority, believing that their role requires them to make all operational decisions.  The result can be a lack of consistency in decisions, dissatisfied board members (and staff!) and a precarious lack of attention to planning and accountability matters.

Dowell Management helps boards of directors  understand their purpose and role in governing the organization; clarify how to delegate so there is no confusion about who is responsible to the board; define what the board’s expectations are; evaluate the accomplishments of the organization and how to focus on the larger issues and strategically lead the organization.

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