Your organization has a broad range of needs and operations tend to be organized into major functions.  Those functions typically include governance, central administration including financial, operations and database management, events and programs, fundraising/membership development, and communications.  Most nonprofits, even larger ones, often hesitate to spend money on administrative “overhead” because this is seen as diverting valuable dollars from direct service.  One-shot assistance is often not enough to build internal management capacity.

We are able to provide management expertise and specialized administrative services in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  Staff activity is customized to meet the organization’s needs.  We provide a centralized office that serves as our clients’ headquarters and technology through the concept of shared resources.

Dowell Management can help your organization through our team-approach to association management.  We can provide outside expertise to provide affordable, accessible management and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations.  Our solution is customized depending on the complexity of the task, the level of board and internal expertise, and the importance of results to the organization’s constituents.  We believe that what is done well (fulfilling your mission) is based on what is well run (within the organization).

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