Bundle Up – Chamber Tiered Dues

Growing chamber dues

What is Bundle-Up!™?

Bundle-Up!™ was created by Chamber industry experts, Dowell Management, to assist chambers looking to move beyond out-dated formula based dues models. Bundle-Up!™ is a comprehensive program that works with chambers to develop and implement a tiered dues model of membership.

Why the tiered dues model?

The chamber of commerce industry has undergone much change in recent years – businesses no longer join because it’s “the right thing to do”. Members aren’t joining – they’re buying! The structure of membership dues based on the number of employees, deposits, etc. has become antiquated and unrealistic and it is a difficult time to get members to renew their membership. This “unfair-share” model actually punishes members from growing, and doesn’t allow for any choice or customizing. Tiers – or bundles of benefits at various prices which entice larger investments – are based on choice, and simplify annual planning and purchasing. Tiers make it much easier to explain what is actually included in a member’s investment and show return on investment – the emphasis on value cannot be underestimated.

How exactly does Bundle-Up!™ work?

Bundle-Up!™ will assist your chamber in creating clear levels of investment and value, working with your chamber to develop marketing materials, and communicate with your members throughout all of the research, development, and implementation steps. Dowell Management has created a proven system based on years of experience working with chambers, to walk your chamber through the entire Bundle-Up!™ process.

• One of your Dowell Management consultants will make a site visit to your chamber to meet with your board and staff and introduce them to the Bundle-Up!™ principles and process
• Dowell Management consultants will participate in weekly coaching calls to keep you on track and share our expertise and best practices
• Dowell Management provides your Chamber with a customized manual that includes all of the inside information you will need to build a tiered dues program
• A web-based toolbox of interactive worksheets, samples, and resources will be provided, allowing Dowell Management consultants to work with you
• Dowell Management will assist in designing and creating your marketing and sales materials based on what has worked for others

What can our chamber expect by switching to a tiered dues model?

Changing your dues model can change your chamber culture for the better. Bundle-Up!™ allows you to build stronger relationships with your members because the sales conversation is no longer about obligation or intangible benefits. It’s easy for members to see the value your chamber
offers, and see the benefit to their bottom line. Your chamber should also expect to see improved market share, increased revenue, differentiation from other business-based member associations in your area, and strengthened member retention.

Chambers utilizing Bundle-Up!™ have seen as much as a 24% increase in revenue in the first year of implementation, and many are realizing member retention rates over 95%.

What organizations could I talk to about their experience with Bundle-Up!™?

• Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce (MN)
• Shakopee Chamber of Commerce (MN)
• Winona Chamber of Commerce (MN)
• Yankton Chamber of Commerce (SD)

I’m interested in Bundle-Up!™ for my chamber. What is the first step?