5 Types of Conference Speakers to Improve Your Next Event

Conference speakers are one of the focal points of your annual event. They provide insights, research and, most of all, value to your attendees. Speakers set the tone for the rest of the conference—if you invite a really great speaker, your attendees will be even more excited for the rest of the event.

One major challenge event professionals face is finding speakers who are unique and engaging. You want to think outside of the box for your event presenters and invite people who will provide an interesting perspective to start your conference.

Why are unique conference speakers so important?

Attendees don’t want to see the same presentations over and over. There are two major types of “obvious” speakers who present at conferences. The first are people who are prevalent and well-known in the industry—everyone knows who they are and have likely heard them speak at other industry conferences (or yours) in the past. The second are the tried-and-true speakers who seem to be at every conference, even if they aren’t directly related to your industry. Bringing in these types of people may make members rethink returning to your conference next year.